Bird Hunter

Previous Next This series of 35mm prints was exhibited at the Spanish Cultural Center in Santiago de Chile.

Michael Miño

This story is part of a series of short docs commissioned by the European filmmaking organisation Nisi-Masa. It was premiered at Buff Festival in Malmö, Sweden.


Pablo Núñez Palma from Third Eye Media developed the research and the concept for this feature documentary, directed by Nicolás Molina and Antonio Luco. Derek and Giorgia, a young couple of biologists, settles in the hostile Tierra del Fuego to study and combat the devastating beaver plague that destructs the area. This violent mission is […]

W25 Symphony

W25 symphony was commisioned by the One Minute video art series. It was exhibited in IDFA 2012. Music by Luke Shirock.

Tree Time Workshops

Third Eye Media guided Raquel in making this short, informative and yet poetic video about her series of workshops Tree Time.

Lighting up Life

Third Eye Media worked together with Peter to process his work and find a suitable form to make it accessible through his website. We reviewed Peter’s brand and the narrative that underlies his personal and professional interests, always keeping in mind his readers and the value that his work provides.