Hi, I’m Pablo.

And I believe that storytelling is the most powerful tool to spread ideas, gather communities and spark action. That’s why I’ve created Third Eye Media: to tell stories that inspire positive change.

After more than 10 years working in the creative industries, I have often witnessed the process of an idea becoming a story and the enormous impact that such transformation brings along.

I have spent my life crafting audiovisual stories. I have worked as a film director, photographer, media artist, scriptwriter, copywriter and strategist for independent films, organisations and entrepreneurs.

With Third Eye Media, I wish to put my experience at the service of growing social awareness, improve our consumer culture, and help pave the way towards a future where humanist values –like empathy, critical thinking, and altruism– remain central to our life.

You may have something meaningful to share. Maybe it is a valuable idea at the forefront of your research field, or an event that aims to raise societal awareness, or perhaps a new product that promotes eco-friendly behaviour among consumers. In either case, you care about people, and you are proud of doing work that contributes to a better, healthier, more conscious and sustainable world.

If this resonates with you, I am glad we have connected. And I would love to help distil your message into meaningful media content.

Send me a message. I am curious to know what you are up to.


PS. Are you a creative professional? Does my vision resonate with yours?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions I haven’t answered here?

Drop me a line. I’ll read it with dedication and get back to you as soon as I can.

Third Eye Media is a digital content shop run by me, Pablo Núñez Palma. I am a filmmaker and visual artist who is not afraid to use his artistic skills in making commercial work for good causes. What inspires me is to help organisations in their mission to build a future where humanist values and environmental awareness remain central.

I have a background in philosophy and from there I have seen how ideas are the seed of change in our society. That’s why, especially in these times of fast-paced technological developments, we need to spread ideas that help us grow as individuals, as a society and as an ecosystem.

And just in case, I am not afraid of dystopian futures. If we all end up living inside the Matrix, let’s make it the best Matrix possible.

We create digital content for brands, personal brands and organizations that work towards a more aware and sustainable society. We focus on video, photography and web design.

My studio is located in one of the quietest areas of Amsterdam’s city centre. It’s a hidden spot in the middle of the always busy Red Light District. A piece of heaven in de midst of hell.

And yes, you are very welcome to visit. But first, make an appointment.

How? Send me a message.

Third Eye Media is based in Amsterdam, but depending on the nature and size of the project I can move across Europe and sometimes the world.

Well, there must be some reason why you landed on this website and took the time to read up until here, no?

If you are in doubt, let’s figure that out together. Send me a message.

Short answer: no.

Businesses have different ways of pricing. Some charge by the hour, others for products, and others, like Third Eye Media, by specific projects.

I know, pricelists are nice, they make budgeting simple for you and me. 

Unfortunately, standard prices only work with standard products. And Third Eye Media does not deliver standard, but custom made products. Therefore is hard to stamp a universal price label on our work.

What if your Live Stream needs 3 cameras instead of one? Or if the website you initially intended to use as a blog now also needs a booking system and a small webshop? Or if the photos you need have to be approved by your client or your marketing consultant instead of just you?

All these details can make a big difference in the amount of human and material resources involved in the execution of a project. So no standard.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, that was the long answer.

For specific kinds of work, I do. Most of these works are task-oriented, like camerawork, photo editing or brand therapy sessions.

Nonetheless, I find it much more convenient to work on a project-oriented basis, instead of working by the minute.

It depends on the project. I have a network of multi-talented professionals that help me out with projects I can’t carry on my own.

Drop me a line. I am always open to expanding my network.

I feel you. This FAQ section is under construction. Please contact me and I will reach you back asap. Your questions –no matter how general or specific– are much appreciated. They will help to grow this section.