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Third Eye is a creative media shop based in Amsterdam and run by me, Pablo Núñez Palma.

I shoot videos, photos and build high-end WordPress websites to help small businesses and organisations to develop their vision, tell their stories and make them visible to their audience using digital media.

Sustainability, inclusivity, ethical technology, health, culture, education, personal development. These are all topics I care about.

I think of my work as a form of storytelling. Are you doing meaningful work but aren’t sure what’s the narrative behind? I can help you roll up your sleeves and set you for a great start!

Or do you already have a story? If that’s the case, I can help you spread it through videos, photography or web applications.

This is how we can work.

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I help you tell the story your project needs to stay relevant and in-brand.

I like to engage in my client’s thinking strategy to identify the core narratives at play. That’s the best way to create meaningful content.

I work with a start-up mentality. I try to make the most effective use of budgets, assets and my network of multi-talented professionals.

A website is like a house. You may join inspiring conversations at the LinkedIn Coffeeshop, be that person everyone listens to at the Facebook Bar, or play the crazy dude with the charming swing at the Instagram nightclub.

But at some point, you’d like to go back home and show the people you’ve met what it is that you do and are passionate about. And you’d like to do it on your own terms, outside the mind-scattering realms of social media.

Also, you’d like to show them how they can start a long term business relationship with you directly, either through a blog, a newsletter, an appointment system or a webshop.

I can help you design and build that website. A place you can proudly call home.

I’ll guide you step by step through the process of reviewing your core narrative, define the information and experiential goals that your website should communicate, sketch the site’s visual design and implement it on a user-friendly WordPress platform.

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Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Videos contain twenty-five pictures per every second. If the saying is right, imagine how many words you will save by putting your message on the screen!

Bottom line: Videos communicate experiences and personal stories in ways no other medium can.

I make video campaigns, documentary portraits, and online courses. The way I like to work is by guiding you through the whole creative process, working together from translating an idea into a script to the final export and distribution of your audiovisual product.

On a more technical note, I also do camera work and can help you set up a Livestream.

For most projects, I work as a solo videographer, but I can build a team if the size and scope of the project require it.

In all cases, I like to keep things in focus and with a short depth of field.

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Pictures have the power to capture people’s attention in fragments of a second.

How a face, a product, or a location is introduced for the first time to an audience compares to that mutual eye gaze you share with a stranger during your first handshake. It’s decisive, and so it must be impactful.

I specialise in portrait and editorial photography of people and locations. These are essential assets to drastically level up your website, brochure or media kit without having to rethink your brand from scratch.

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Not sure where your project or business stands on the map? Maybe you need some therapy. Branding therapy.

It’s often the case that business owners think of branding as an equivalent of a “logo”.

But branding is much more than that. It goes way deeper underwater. It has to do with your vision, values, and how people from outside your personal circle perceive your enterprise.

Branding is a vast topic, but I try to keep it chunkable, creative and content-oriented.

Depending on your needs and time available, we will define clear goals to evaluate your brand and create together actual products you’ll be able to use for improving your company’s image.

My way of working draws key concepts from Design Thinking and how large companies review their own branding.

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